The Body Hysteria

An exhibition of paintings by Los Angeles-based artist JL Robbins. His first solo show with the gallery explores a side of erotism seldom seen in art today. Robbins' work translates the universal themes of loneliness, paranoia, sexuality and the human condition into a highly emotionally-charged narrative of realism, while at the same time avoiding reality. He is maybe one of the most controversial artists in this genre and should not be overlooked or shied away from. Because of the explicit content, one may feel a very peculiar feeling looking at these paintings, but for the aesthetic experience alone it is a must see [...]

JL Robbins was raised in Virginia with a strict military school upbringing. However, his interests have always been toward the "Unspoken" truths of life. An Industrial Design graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he soon moved to Los Angeles where he worked fabricating prosthetic limbs. Robbins' work has graced the pages of Tattoo Savage, Big Wheel as a featured artist and is included in the book "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" as well as Static-X's album Start a War and sketches regarding the 2007 release of the film Hannibal Rising. 2008 finds Robbins' work in the "American Surrealist Initiative" taking place in Saginaw, Michigan with the likes of HR Giger, Alex Grey and David Stoupakis.

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  1. Gracias por postear a este artista, y el agradecimiento es mayor en función de que parece estar en la misma línea de Giger y Gray quienes me interesan demasiado