Danza Butoh

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  1. Enter the stage,
    It is sacred; the dream begins...
    I am a man, I am a woman, I am no one, I am everyone.
    At times it feels that I am not human,
    The raging monster begins to surface,
    He dies, my blood seeps into the ocean,
    Salt, fish, seaweed
    I am being pulled by the moon,
    The ebb and flow lulls me into timelessness,
    The constellations reflects on the sea.
    Ah... this is the realm of Butoh.
    Lawrence Rollins

  2. "aprendí el butho en en el vientre materno..." genial
    lo que sucede en el vientre materno es consecuencia de la lógica de los cuerpos, quizá deseo, quizá hábito, quizá repulsión...